• Romance in the office

    1/28/15 2:25 PM Comment

    Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and love is in the air! It's in the office, too! According to a survey by, four out of 10 employees have dated someone at work.

  • Transitioning your outfit from day to night

    12/19/14 5:25 PM Comment

    If you've got a busy schedule, you've probably experienced having no time to go home and make an outfit change between work and your after-5 affair.

  • Defining your productive space

    3/19/14 3:56 PM Comment

    Sometimes a boring desk or cubicle can make it hard to feel creative and productive.

  • Office Power Hour Fitness Challenge

    3/7/14 4:49 PM Comment

    Sitting at a desk or being stuck in the office all day can make you stiff and sluggish...but there's an easy way to break up your work day and fit in some exercise!

  • Holiday office etiquette

    12/3/12 1:35 PM Comment

    Workplace guru Mary Abbajay of Careerstone Group joined Melanie to to talk about navigating your office during the holidays.