Plane Crash

  • Credible probe sought in downing of Malaysian jet

    7/18/14 6:49 PM

    World leaders demanded Friday that pro-Russia rebels who control the eastern Ukraine crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 give immediate, unfettered access to independent investigators to determine who shot down the plane.

  • Obama: Plane shot down by missile, 1 American dead

    7/18/14 5:14 PM

    The United States began building a case Friday linking pro-Russian separatists to the shocking downing of a passenger jet in Ukraine.

  • Video shows the moment the Malaysia flight crashed in Ukraine

    7/17/14 3:39 PM

    An amateur video shared with the media on Thursday reportedly shows the moment Malaysia Airlines MH17 crashed in Ukraine with 295 people on board.

  • New York plane crash kills Richard Rockefeller

    6/13/14 9:05 PM

    A small plane crashed outside New York City on Friday, killing a great grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller, a family spokesman said.

  • Malaysia Prime Minister: Plane plunged into Indian Ocean

    3/25/14 12:03 PM

    Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak says a new analysis of satellite data shows that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane plunged into the southern Indian Ocean.

  • Missing Malaysia Airlines plane still a mystery to investigators

    3/10/14 5:41 PM

    Dozens of ships and aircraft have failed to find any piece of the missing Boeing 777 jet that vanished more than two days ago above waters south of Vietnam.

  • Plane crashes in Aspen, Colo., crews respond

    1/5/14 7:40 PM

    A fiery plane crash at the Aspen airport Sunday afternoon killed one person and injured two others, one severely, Colorado authorities said. LeAnn Rimes and Kevin Nealon both tweeted about the crash.

  • Charlottesville plane crash kills pilot

    12/18/13 2:14 PM

    The crash occurred Wednesday morning in a residential section near Route 29. No structures were struck by the plane.

  • Troopers say 4 dead in southwest Alaska plane crash

    11/30/13 7:53 PM

    A mother on board a plane that crashed in remote southwest Alaska made a frantic phone call for help resuscitating her 5-month-old baby, then walked nearly a mile toward village lights to lead searchers hampered by cold and fog to the crash site. The crash killed four and injured six.

  • Plane crash drill at Reagan Airport to be held Saturday

    9/18/13 11:56 AM

    An emergency training exercise will be held at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Saturday morning, during which a plane will be set on fire.

  • Plane crashes in Bowie

    9/3/13 5:56 PM

    Investigators are still trying to determine why a small plane crashed Monday afternoon, an accident that seriously injured three people.

  • Danville plane crash victim identified as heart surgeon

    8/31/13 4:53 PM

    Authorities have identified the pilot who was killed in a plane crash at Danville Regional Airport Thursday night as Dr. Scott Banuelos, a cardiovascular surgeon at Danville Regional Medical Center, part of the Duke Heart Network.

  • UPS cargo jet crashes in Birmingham, Ala.

    8/14/13 5:28 PM

    A federal aviation official says a large UPS cargo plane has crashed near an airport in Birmingham, Ala., and according to the city's mayor, the pilot and co-pilot of the plane were killed.

  • Connecticut plane crash victims identified

    8/11/13 8:18 AM

    The plane accident that killed four people in a Connecticut neighborhood was not the first crash for the pilot, a former Microsoft executive who was taking his teenage son on a tour of East Coast colleges.

  • Conn. plane crash: 4 bodies pulled from wreckage

    8/10/13 3:57 PM

    The plane accident that killed four people - including two children who were inside a house in a Connecticut neighborhood - was not the first crash for the pilot, a former Microsoft executive who was taking his teenage son on a tour of East Coast colleges.

  • East Haven plane crash: Small plane damages two homes

    8/9/13 4:05 PM

    Three people remain missing, including two children ages 1 and 13, after a small plane crashed in East Haven, Conn. Friday, damaging two homes.

  • Asiana 214 victims file lawsuit against Boeing

    8/9/13 9:35 AM

    The San Jose Mercury News says the suits filed Thursday allege that the maker of the Boeing 777 provided inadequate training to pilots in South Korea.

  • Bess Rosenzweig dies in Kenya plane crash

    8/7/13 9:46 AM

    A young Georgetown University graduate and her mother were killed when the plane they were flying in crashed in Kenya last month.

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