Potomac Disposal

  • Montgomery County trash strike: Activists present petition

    10/28/13 8:19 AM

    Montgomery County residents and local clergy will bring demands to executives at Potomac Disposal Monday. They want to deliver a petition, personal letters and comments ahead of a mediation session.

  • Montgomery, Howard county trash collectors on strike again

    10/17/13 12:38 PM

    Trash collectors are once again on strike in Montgomery and Howard counties on Thursday, their latest move to demand better pay, increased benefits and the right to unionize.

  • Montgomery County trash workers strike

    10/16/13 6:17 PM

    Workers with two of the three contract trash haulers in Montgomery County are going on strike. The companies pick up trash and recycling at about 20,000 homes a day in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Wheaton and Silver Spring.

  • Striking Potomac Disposal worker hit by truck

    9/11/13 8:48 PM

    A striking Potomac Disposal trash collector was struck by a truck being driven by a temporary worker early Wednesday morning. The driver of that truck was then assaulted by a protester, according to witnesses.