• Seasonal kid-friendly foods

    10/23/14 2:35 PM Comment

    It's never easy to cook for a child who's a picky eater, especially when you try to get him to eat his veggies! But, one cookbook is making dinnertime a little easier for parents. The book features kid-approved recipes that are so easy, the kids can even help make them!

  • Hearty fall soups made with local produce

    10/17/14 2:26 PM Comment

    There's nothing better than a hearty soup to warm you up on a blustery fall day, and the local produce that's in season now is perfect for a variety of soups.

  • Cooking with local, seasonal produce

    4/28/14 4:02 PM Comment

    There are lots of simple ways to support the local economy and reduce your impact on the earth - and being mindful of what you put on the dinner table is one of them!

  • Supporting our local farmers

    3/25/14 4:31 PM Comment

    Even though the spring weather may be a little slow getting here, fruits and vegetables will be ready for picking in the next few months!

  • Summer Heat, Drought Bringing Out Flavor in Produce

    8/15/12 7:11 PM Comment

    Even though the excruciating triple-digit heat and widespread drought has taken a toll on many crops, the sweetness and spiciness of certain produce is a bit zestier.