• Washington D.C.'s record rainfall Tuesday

    8/13/14 9:31 AM Comment

    Baltimore recorded it's second rainiest day in history yesterday. 

  • 23 homes evacuated in Clear Spring due to rapid rainfall

    6/15/14 5:56 PM

    The rapid rainfall the past week in the D.C. area has many residents and businesses still digging out and cleaning up from the flooding. And in Berwyn Heights, residents are confused about who is responsible for the flooding that damaged their homes.

  • Warm September in D.C. and across the U.S.

    10/10/12 8:00 PM Comment

    Did the District follow suite with much of the remainder of the U.S. with warmer than average weather in September?

  • Rain much needed; Dryness expanding

    3/29/12 6:00 AM Comment

    Even though the growing season is getting off to a quick start and everything is “greening up,” we’re getting ever so closer to a drought. Precipitation departures keep inching up with very little rain to help out. This weekend’s storm, though, is coming at a good time to play catch up!