Rescued Dogs

  • Rescue dogs, handlers heading home from Wash.

    4/17/14 11:17 AM

    Three Fairfax County rescue dogs and their handlers are heading home after two weeks searching for victims of a deadly mudslide in Washington state.


  • 50 rescued dogs up for adoption

    8/7/13 6:34 PM

    About 50 dogs have been rescued from a large property in Arkansas. A Humane Society video shows the animals being removed from what officials describe as a place of filth where the dogs lacked basic care.

  • Dog fighting rescues and rehabilitation

    2/19/13 6:12 PM Comment

    Pit bulls are the dog of choice amongst dog fighters. But can canines that are trained to kill be rehabilitated? ABC7's Dr. Katy Nelson takes an in-depth look at the dogs, the rescues and the reason they're worth saving.


  • Hurricane Isaac rescue dogs arrive in D.C.

    9/6/12 5:43 PM Comment

    Nine dogs left homeless by torrential flooding in Mississippi arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League Thursday.


  • Rescued dogs arrive from Mississippi

    5/27/11 5:43 PM Comment

    Nearly 80 dogs from flood-ravaged Mississippi arrived to the D.C. area.