Santa Monica

  • Santa Monica private jet crash, No survivors expected

    9/30/13 2:03 PM

    Rescuers don't expect to find any survivors following the crash of a private jet into a hangar at Santa Monica Municipal Airport. The jet, which originated in Idaho, landed at the Southern California airport Sunday night.

  • Santa Monica shooting started with act of domestic violence

    6/10/13 6:55 AM Comment

    Investigators are working to determine why John Zawahri, 24, attacked his own family and launched a string of violence in the Santa Monica streets, lasting just a matter of minutes until he was shot to death in a chaotic scene at a college library by police.

  • 5 dead, 5 injured after Calif. shooting rampage

    6/8/13 3:55 PM Comment

    The gunman, dressed all in black and carrying a semi-automatic rifle, walked calmly through the Santa Monica College campus after killing his father, brother, and another man. He would kill a woman outside the library moments later, before dying from police gunfire.