• Senate clears debt limit measure for Obama

    2/12/14 3:42 PM

    After a dramatic Senate tally in which top GOP leaders cast the crucial votes, must-pass legislation to allow the government to borrow money to pay its bills cleared Congress Wednesday for President Barack Obama's signature.

  • Virginia Senate votes to repeal ultrasound law

    2/11/14 2:20 PM

    Virginia Senate Democrats, enjoying a new majority in the upper chamber, are trying to repeal a law mandating that women seeking abortions undergo ultrasounds.

  • Obama to meet with Senate Democrats at Nationals Park

    2/5/14 9:58 AM

    When President Barack Obama solicits advice Wednesday from his party's senators, the voices of some Democrats may come through louder than others.

  • Target taking actions on security, executive says

    2/4/14 7:02 PM

    An executive of Target Corp. said Tuesday the retailer has taken actions to shore up security following the massive breach of millions of consumers' data during the holiday season.

  • Unemployment insurance extension clears Senate vote

    1/7/14 11:18 AM

    Unemployment benefits bill clears initial Senate hurdle.

  • Liz Cheney drops out of Wyoming Senate race

    1/6/14 10:41 AM

    Published reports citing anonymous GOP insiders say Liz Cheney plans to quit the Republican Wyoming Senate primary and abandon her effort to unseat incumbent Sen. Mike Enzi.

  • Ted Cruz hopes to 'soon' renounce Canadian citizenship

    1/4/14 4:12 PM

    Canada-born U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has yet to renounce his birth country's citizenship as promised - but a spokeswoman said Saturday the tea party darling plans to have that finished soon.


  • Harry Reid hospitalized for undisclosed illness

    12/20/13 10:47 AM

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was hospitalized early Friday after feeling unwell and undergoing tests that revealed nothing wrong, his spokesman said.

  • Max Baucus to be nominated as next American ambassador to China

    12/20/13 10:31 AM

    If he's confirmed by the Senate, Max Baucus will replace ambassador Gary Locke, who's announced he plans to leave the diplomatic post.

  • Bipartisan budget agreement clears Congress

    12/18/13 6:23 PM

    The legislation passed the Democratic-controlled Senate on a vote of 64-36, six days after clearing the Republican-run House by a similarly bipartisan margin of 332-94.

  • Budget deal: Obama expected to sign off on Wednesday

    12/17/13 10:05 PM

    Year-end legislation to ease Congress' chronic budget brinkmanship and soften across-the-board spending cuts moved to the cusp of final passage Tuesday, a rare display of Senate bipartisanship that masked strong Republican complaints about slicing into military retirement benefits.

  • Budget bill passes Senate cloture vote

    12/17/13 10:50 AM

    The Senate advanced the measure over a filibuster threshold on a 67-33 vote that ensures the measure will pass the Democratic-led chamber no later than Wednesday and head to the White House to be signed into law.

  • Democrats optimistic about Senate passing budget deal

    12/16/13 10:42 PM

    Bipartisan legislation to soften across-the-board spending cuts gained ground among Senate Republicans on Monday and Democrats expressed optimism it would gain the 60 votes needed to pass by week's end.

  • Budget deal now in the hands of the Senate

    12/13/13 6:48 PM

    One day after winning lopsided House approval, bipartisan legislation to ease across-the-board spending cuts and reduce economy-rattling budget brinkmanship appears likely to command the 60 votes necessary to clear the Senate, officials in both parties said Friday.

  • Patricia Millett conformed as U.S. Court of Appeals judge

    12/10/13 1:10 PM

    Majority Democrats in the Senate won approval Tuesday for one of President Barack Obama's key judicial nominees, the first of his picks to win confirmation since they weakened the chamber's filibuster rules.

  • Senate Democrats to push Obama nominees under new rules

    12/8/13 4:35 PM

    Fresh from shackling the traditional blocking ability of the Senate's minority party, Democrats are ready to muscle through President Barack Obama's nominees for pivotal judgeships and other top jobs.

  • Senate filibusters weakened after vote to make them harder passes

    11/21/13 6:24 PM

    In a victory for Democrats, the Senate has voted to weaken filibusters and make it harder for Republicans to block confirmation of the president's nominees for judges and other top posts.

  • Military sex assault: Senate begins debate on plans

    11/20/13 6:37 PM

    A vote could come soon to change the way the military deals with sexual assault. It comes after a day of tense debate that’s dividing even strong allies.

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