• Metro SmarTrip card price being lowered to $2

    7/25/13 11:03 AM

    Starting Oct. 1, customers will still pay $10 for a new card, but it will now come loaded with $8 in metro fare.

  • SmarTrip cards could be replaced by credit cards, smartphones

    5/22/13 9:45 AM Comment

    Speaking at George Washington University on Tuesday, Sarles envisioned a future where WMATA riders would be able to pay with a credit card or their smartphone at faregates within the Metrorail system.

  • Metro SmarTrip 7-day short pass started

    5/20/13 11:49 AM Comment

    Starting Monday, SmarTrip users can add the seven-day pass to their cards for $35. A pass is good for trips up to $3.50 during peak hours and unlimited trips during off-peak hours. These passes were previously only available with paper fare cards, which are being discontinued.