SNAP Program

  • Food stamps prevalent in Virginia

    1/23/14 6:25 AM

    Researchers at the University of Virginia say more than one in 10 Virginians receives food stamps.

  • SNAP benefits to decrease in Virginia

    10/24/13 11:51 AM

    The elimination of funds from the 2009 economic stimulus will result in a decrease in the amount of food stamp benefits that people and families receive in Virginia.

  • Food stamp debit cards restored

    10/13/13 7:29 AM

    Food stamp recipients should be able to use their debit-style cards in grocery stores on Sunday, now that vendor Xerox Corp. has restored service after a system outage that affected people across 17 states.

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    7/15/13 5:06 PM Comment

    Burkman and Fowler interview July 15, 2013