• DIY detox remedies

    9/18/14 1:57 PM Comment

    Detoxes and cleanses are becoming more and more popular, but many of them involve fasting, which can be dangerous! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to rid your body of toxins without starving yourself.

  • Gilt City Valentine's Day gifts and deals

    2/13/13 5:47 PM Comment

    Marissa Schneider, the Senior Curator for, talked to Melanie about some of the specials Gilt City is offering for Valentine's Day.

  • Gilt City holiday guide

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    Marissa Scnieder, the Senior Curator for Gilt City DC, came on the show today to talk about the hottest trends in holiday gift giving.

  • How to pick the right spa

    11/30/12 1:43 PM Comment

    -Bonnie McDaniel of Recipes for Good Living Magazine joined Malnie to tell us about things we should look for when choosing a spa.