• Spring 2013 fashion trends

    2/26/13 12:40 PM Comment

    Naina Singla, a personal stylist and the editor of STYLE'N, sat down with Melanie to talk about the best trends to look out for this spring.

  • Gardening on a budget

    2/22/13 2:04 PM Comment

    Justin Cave from HGTV's "Groundbreakers" talked to Natasha about how you can garden on budget and get ready for spring.

  • Phil Says An Early Spring! But How Accurate Is The Groundhog?

    2/5/13 3:24 PM Comment

    Punxsutawney Phil doesn't see his shadow, so the rodent predicts an early spring. But how often does the groundhog get the forecast right?


  • Snow at opposite ends of the season

    4/22/12 6:06 PM Comment

    Here we are 8 days out from the end of April and possibly the largest snowstorm since last winter is honing in on the western Maryland and Pennsylvania mountains. Meanwhile, the District finally gets a nice soaking with some much needed rainfall!

  • Easter: The holiday of extremes

    4/8/12 3:27 PM Comment

    It can be a bit easier to forecast the weather on Christmas rather than Easter because of one reason: The Easter holiday can vary significantly from one year to another. How has the weather compared in past years in D.C.?

  • Rain much needed; Dryness expanding

    3/29/12 6:00 AM Comment

    Even though the growing season is getting off to a quick start and everything is “greening up,” we’re getting ever so closer to a drought. Precipitation departures keep inching up with very little rain to help out. This weekend’s storm, though, is coming at a good time to play catch up!

  • Does This Warm March Mean A Hotter Than Average Summer?

    3/14/12 11:38 PM Comment

    It's feeling like May and June, but it's only March!  With temperatures 20-30 degrees above average, does this mean we're in for a hotter than average summer?

  • Ready to spring forward? Not just the season, but the time!

    3/4/12 12:45 PM Comment

    We plowed through winter without a hitch and now spring is on the horizon. Before we even transition into the warmer season, don’t forget we turn the clocks up an hour and daylight saving time resumes in just one week!

  • Climate statistics for Meteorological Winter

    3/2/12 5:15 AM Comment

    Did this go down as the warmest winter of all time? Not quite, but it wasn't far off!

  • Groundhog Day 2012; Will he see his shadow?

    2/1/12 2:24 PM Comment

    Will this terrible winter end or will it be 6 more weeks of unbearable cold? Sense a little sarchasm? Laying it on pretty thick.

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