State Of Emergency

  • California wildfires prompt state of emergency

    5/16/14 9:45 AM

    One of the nine fires burning in San Diego County suddenly flared Thursday afternoon and burned close to homes, trigging thousands of new evacuation orders.

  • Winter storm: Gov. McAuliffe declares State of Emergency

    2/11/14 6:19 PM

    Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency on Tuesday due to the coming winter storm, authorizing state agencies to prepare to respond to a major storm forecast to hit the state of Virginia from Wednesday.

  • Winter Storm: Obama signs emergency declaration for Georgia

    2/11/14 5:33 PM

    Forecasters say the ice storm that's moving into Georgia could be the kind that only happens about once every ten or 20 years in the area. They're predicting ice accumulations of as much as three quarters of an inch from Atlanta to central South Carolina.

  • Ga. gov declares state of emergency as storm looms

    2/10/14 10:38 AM

    Forecasters are calling for perhaps an inch of snow in the Atlanta area by tomorrow, and possibly another inch or two with some ice by Thursday. Officials are looking to avoid a repeat of the traffic paralysis from two weeks ago.

  • Hurricane Sandy could postpone early voting in Md.

    10/26/12 5:30 PM Comment

    Early voting is scheduled to take place between Saturday, October 27 and Thursday, November 1.

  • Virginia under state of emergency

    4/28/11 4:28 PM Comment

    Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has declared a state of emergency Thursday after severe storms and tornadoes pounded the state, reportedly killing at least five people and causing widespread damage, yesterday and this morning.