• Stylish summer essentials

    5/22/15 6:04 PM Comment

    If you're looking to give your beach style a boost this summer, our guest today had all the essentials you need to look stylish while have fun in the sun.

  • Give the gift of style this Mother's Day

    5/7/15 6:11 PM Comment

    From working to zooming to pick up the kids from after school activities, mom's barely have time to tend to themselves. So, this Mother's Day, give your mom the gift of style!

  • Best & worst looks at the 2015 Grammy Awards

    2/9/15 2:11 PM Comment

    While the Oscars and the Emmys have strict dress codes, the Grammys give celebs a bit more leeway with their wardrobe choices. But, did some stars push the envelope too far at last night's awards show?

  • Stylish ways to stay warm this winter

    2/3/15 1:27 PM Comment

    The weather outside is frightful, but winter fashion can be delightful!

  • Best & worst red carpet looks from the 72nd Golden Globe Awards

    1/12/15 2:23 PM Comment

    Hundreds of celebrities strutted their stuff on the red carpet at the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards. Some stars were stunning, but not everyone hit the mark this year.

  • Red carpet fashion through the ages

    1/8/15 3:34 PM Comment

    Red carpet season is officially here, and celebrities have been working on their looks for the Golden Globes this weekend. In honor of the occasion, we wanted to see how red carpet trends have changed through the ages.

  • Finding the right necklace for your outfit's neckline

    1/6/15 3:47 PM Comment

    No outfit is complete without a classy piece of jewelry to finish the look, but choosing the right style of necklace to match your outfit's neckline can be tricky.

  • Hot hairstyles for New Year's Eve

    12/31/14 2:00 PM Comment

    Everyone is getting ready for the biggest night of the year...and if you haven't decided on a hairstyle yet, you're in luck!

  • Finding the perfect pair of jeans

    12/11/14 3:40 PM Comment

    Ask any woman what she thinks about jean shopping, and you're likely to get the same response: it's a pain in the rear end! But, knowing what style is flattering for your body type can make it a whole lot simpler.

  • Stocking stuffers for fashionistas

    12/9/14 2:17 PM Comment

    Shopping for the ultra-stylish people on your gift list can be tricky. So instead of getting them an outfit they might not like, get them something practical that they're bound to use!

  • Get the most out of your beauty services

    12/5/14 3:11 PM Comment

    We all want to look our best for holiday parties and festivities this season, and for many, that means scheduling beauty services at a salon. But, if you're going to be paying for salon services, you want to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck!

  • Look fabulous while on the go

    12/3/14 4:00 PM Comment

    Over the next month, most of us will have jam-packed schedules. Whether you're hopping from holiday party to holiday party, or jet setting to visit family and friends, it can be tough to find the time to stick to your usual beauty routine!

  • Golden Scissors Awards

    12/3/14 3:59 PM Comment

    This weekend, models will be strutting their stuff for the Golden Scissors Awards.

  • Trends in winter work wear for women

    11/21/14 3:20 PM Comment

    You've probably noticed that it's gotten pretty cold outside, and that means it's time to bundle up! But, professional winter clothing can be hard to come by.

  • Save money by renting a wedding dress

    11/13/14 3:43 PM Comment

    A wedding dress can cost a bride thousands of dollars, and most of the time, it just ends up sitting in your closet after the big day! A new trend in dress shopping could change all that!

  • Latest baby gear for dads

    11/6/14 1:31 PM Comment

    Today, more than ever, fathers-to-be are more involved in the baby registry process. So, it's important to choose "Daddy" gear that will be comfortable and easy to use when changing diapers or during bedtime.

  • Five fashion rules you should be breaking

    10/27/14 2:25 PM Comment

    You've probably heard a lot of rules thrown around in the fashion world. For instance, you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, and mixing gold and silver isn't recommended. However, some of those outdated rules should be thrown out the window!

  • Salon Nordine gives local blogger a makeover

    10/7/14 12:59 PM Comment

    Many of us change our wardrobe every season to stay in fashion, so shouldn't we be changing our hairstyles, too? Keeping up with the latest hair trends can be tricky, but we were joined by two stylists to break things down.

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