• Salon Nordine gives local blogger a makeover

    10/7/14 12:59 PM Comment

    Many of us change our wardrobe every season to stay in fashion, so shouldn't we be changing our hairstyles, too? Keeping up with the latest hair trends can be tricky, but we were joined by two stylists to break things down.

  • Fall trends for little fashionistas

    10/2/14 1:27 PM Comment

    Many little girls are big on fashion. They like to choose their own outfits and they're always looking out for the next big trend. But one fashionista has taken it to the next level with the help of her stylish mom!

  • Cosmo Couture Fashion and Design Event

    9/12/14 1:40 PM Comment

    Imagine dresses made out of ceramic tiles...jackets made out of wood...or a gown made out of rubber! These are just a few of the innovative creations that you'll find at the Cosmo Couture Fashion and Design Event. That's because the designers at the event are tasked with creating garments made out of interior design materials.

  • Panelists weigh in on trends from New York Fashion Week

    9/12/14 1:39 PM Comment

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week just wrapped up, and designers from Michael Kors to Vera Wang showed their collections for spring 2015. So, which trends hit the mark - and which ones missed?

  • All-white outfits for the Labor Day weekend

    8/29/14 3:13 PM Comment

    You've probably heard the famous fashion rule about "not wearing white after Labor Day."

  • Back-to-school wardrobe on a budget

    8/26/14 1:21 PM Comment

    You might be almost done with our back-to-school shopping, but it's not too late to save a few bucks on those last minute items!

  • Best and worst dressed at the 2014 Emmy Awards

    8/26/14 1:19 PM Comment

    The Emmy Awards were filled with surprises - not only during the show, but also on the red carpet. Some celebrities wowed audiences, but others fell short.

  • Spruce up your school uniforms

    8/8/14 4:33 PM Comment

    With summer coming to a close, school shopping is right around the corner. Unfortunately, school uniforms can put a damper on your personal style.

  • Save on back to school shopping

    7/30/14 4:01 PM Comment

    Before we know it, our kids will be headed back to school. For parents who want to save a little extra cash on this year's wardrobe, a consignment store is a great option.

  • Fashion tips for traveling

    7/30/14 3:14 PM Comment

    Whether it's a summer getaway or a speedy business trip, looking stylish while still feeling comfortable on a flight can be difficult.

  • Stylish accessories for moms

    7/30/14 3:08 PM Comment

    Being a new mom is an exciting and exhausting time, and sometimes, a new mom's personal style can get lost in the mix.

  • Summer Swimsuit Trends

    7/22/14 4:56 PM Comment

    Summer is in full swing and it's time to hit the beach! It can be daunting to bare it all in swimsuit, but with trends to fit any body type, finding the perfect swimsuit can be a breeze!

  • Outfit ideas for a summer wedding

    6/23/14 2:23 PM Comment

    Wedding season is in full swing. If you're attending a wedding this summer, you may be wondering what to wear!

  • Curvy Chix Chariot

    5/14/14 3:39 PM Comment

    You maybe familiar with the term "food truck."

  • A versatile summer wardrobe

    5/12/14 1:52 PM Comment

    It's time to start planning that summer vacation...but are you an over-packer?

  • How to tie a bow tie

    5/2/14 4:04 PM Comment

    Whether you're headed to the White House Correspondent's Dinner, the Kentucky Derby, or the Gold Cup this weekend, you'll want to look your best. And for men, bow ties are in!

  • Pastel styles for Easter weekend

    4/18/14 3:09 PM Comment

    If you're looking for style inspiration for your Easter brunch or dinner...look no further!

  • The perfect fit for a suit

    4/15/14 3:18 PM Comment

    Between work, lunch meetings, personal commitments, and family engagements, who has time to go to a tailor anymore? That's why J. Hilburn's tailors come directly to you instead.

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