Tax Refunds

  • Social Security tax refund seizures suspended, program reviewed

    4/15/14 4:04 PM

    People with old Social Security debts are getting a reprieve - for now. The Social Security Administration had been participating in a program in which thousands of people were having their tax refunds seized to recoup overpayments that happened more than a decade ago.

  • FTC: Tax refund theft currently on the rise

    1/17/14 6:09 PM

    The Federal Trade Commission says that complaints for identity theft currently sit at 43-percent. It was 15-percent just three years ago.

  • IRS takes steps to combat identity theft

    4/11/13 6:31 PM Comment

    As tax day looms, the 2014 budget proposal released by the White House includes new steps to combat what the Internal Revenue Service says is an exponential growth in tax refund-related identity theft.