• 'Tebow bill' sacked in Virginia Senate

    2/14/13 2:10 PM Comment

    The bill failed Thursday on a 7-8 vote in the Senate Education and Health Committee. Republican Sen. Harry Blevins of Chesapeake, a retired public school teacher, cast the decisive vote, siding with the panel's minority of seven Democrats.

  • Virginia House passes 'Tebow bill'

    1/31/13 1:23 PM Comment

    The House voted 56-43 Thursday to pass the so-called "Tebow bill". The sponsor of the Senate version of the bill pulled it from the committee docket Thursday.

  • Virginia 'Tebow bill' passes committee

    2/1/12 3:22 PM Comment

    Scores of home-schooled children and their parents packed a small, cramped committee room and argued that they are taxpayers and deserve a chance to have their moment under the Friday night lights of interscholastic sports.