Tim Howard

  • USA's Tim Howard earns high praise in World Cup performance

    7/2/14 8:52 PM

    Tim Howard left a lasting impression on Americans from coast to coast - and fans around the world, really - for his incredible, improbable saves in the loss to Belgium in extra time that sent the U.S. home from the World Cup to a country captivated.

  • U.S. World Cup players buoyed by large audiences

    6/30/14 7:39 PM

    "All the bars and the pubs and restaurants are packed, and it's all over social media and people are taking off work," goalkeeper Tim Howard said. "That says a lot. They do that for the Super Bowl. So the fact that they're doing it for the World Cup is special."

  • World Cup: U.S. counting on Tim Howard in goal against Germany

    6/25/14 11:23 PM

    Tim Howard rarely makes it through a game without accepting multiple celebratory embraces from relieved American teammates.