• Red carpet fashion through the ages

    1/8/15 3:34 PM Comment

    Red carpet season is officially here, and celebrities have been working on their looks for the Golden Globes this weekend. In honor of the occasion, we wanted to see how red carpet trends have changed through the ages.

  • Scary 'clowns' with guns, knives terrorizing France

    10/28/14 5:19 PM

  • Five fashion rules you should be breaking

    10/27/14 2:25 PM Comment

    You've probably heard a lot of rules thrown around in the fashion world. For instance, you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, and mixing gold and silver isn't recommended. However, some of those outdated rules should be thrown out the window!

  • Fall trends for little fashionistas

    10/2/14 1:27 PM Comment

    Many little girls are big on fashion. They like to choose their own outfits and they're always looking out for the next big trend. But one fashionista has taken it to the next level with the help of her stylish mom!

  • Fall wedding menu trends

    9/26/14 4:46 PM Comment

    Move over, spring...fall weddings are the next big thing! The rustic, simple and earthy themes of the season open up so many incredible menu possibilities!

  • Panelists weigh in on trends from New York Fashion Week

    9/12/14 1:39 PM Comment

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week just wrapped up, and designers from Michael Kors to Vera Wang showed their collections for spring 2015. So, which trends hit the mark - and which ones missed?

  • Fashion tips for traveling

    7/30/14 3:14 PM Comment

    Whether it's a summer getaway or a speedy business trip, looking stylish while still feeling comfortable on a flight can be difficult.

  • Stylish accessories for moms

    7/30/14 3:08 PM Comment

    Being a new mom is an exciting and exhausting time, and sometimes, a new mom's personal style can get lost in the mix.

  • Summer Swimsuit Trends

    7/22/14 4:56 PM Comment

    Summer is in full swing and it's time to hit the beach! It can be daunting to bare it all in swimsuit, but with trends to fit any body type, finding the perfect swimsuit can be a breeze!

  • Monte Durham shares some wedding wisdom

    6/24/14 4:25 PM Comment

    Finding the perfect wedding dress to walk down the aisle can be difficult.

  • Outfit ideas for a summer wedding

    6/23/14 2:23 PM Comment

    Wedding season is in full swing. If you're attending a wedding this summer, you may be wondering what to wear!

  • Spring shoe trends

    4/16/14 3:49 PM Comment

    Are you looking to put a spring in your setp with some new shoes for the season?

  • A preview of D.C. Fashion Week

    2/12/14 4:41 PM Comment

    D.C. Fashion Week is in it's 20th season, and they're bringing their A-Game again this year. They're showcasing emerging young designers, international collections and couture galore.

  • Educational Trends in 2014

    1/8/14 5:23 PM Comment

    2014 brings a number of new trends in education.

  • "Knockout Game" targets unsuspecting victims, trending on YouTube

    11/15/13 11:25 PM

    "Youtube” is full of clips of the so-called “Knockout Game,” in which an unsuspecting victim gets punched in the head so hard that they’re knocked out cold.

  • Plastic Surgery: Ethnic and global trends

    11/11/13 2:49 PM

    The number of people getting plastic surgery is on the rise in countries like the U.S., China and Brazil. And different ethnic communities are seeking their own cultural ideals of beauty when going under the knife.


  • Beauty trends for the spring season

    4/12/13 3:37 PM Comment

    Beauty expert Lianne Farbes sat down with Melanie to talk about the latest red carpet beauty trends and the best looks for the spring season.

  • Spring 2013 fashion trends

    2/26/13 12:40 PM Comment

    Naina Singla, a personal stylist and the editor of STYLE'N, sat down with Melanie to talk about the best trends to look out for this spring.

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