• Fashion tips for traveling

    7/30/14 3:14 PM Comment

    Whether it's a summer getaway or a speedy business trip, looking stylish while still feeling comfortable on a flight can be difficult.

  • Summer travel safety

    7/30/14 9:48 AM Comment

    Traveling can be a fun and exciting adventure, but if you don't keep your wits about you, it can also be dangerous. Identity theft is a growing concern, especially during travel season, so it's important to know how to protect yourself.

  • Planning your dream vacation without breaking the bank

    7/21/14 4:15 PM Comment

    Are you too busy working and saving up for your dream vacation to actually take the trip? Well, it's finally time to leave the office and start packing your suitcase.

  • Managing stress while on vacation

    7/21/14 4:15 PM Comment

    Vacations are meant to be relaxing and stress free. But with planes to catch, family members to wrangle, and too many activities to fit into a short trip, a vacation may leave you more tired than when you started!

  • Travel photography tips

    6/23/14 2:21 PM Comment

    With the start of summer, many people are headed on vacation...and they're most likely planning to take lots of photos to document their adventures! So how can an amateur photographer take their photos to the next level?

  • How to budget for a vacation

    6/19/14 2:34 PM Comment

    Have you ever noticed that when you go on vacation, your carefully planned budget goes out the window?

  • Avoiding the summer learning slide

    6/17/14 3:54 PM Comment

    School is almost out, and students around the country are looking forward to three long months of summer vacation! But with all the relaxing, kids can lose a lot of academic progress.

  • Ever-escalating high-end travel leaves normal vacationers in the dust

    6/9/14 2:11 PM

    Private elevators, personal shopping assistants, six-bedroom suites with their own postal codes. Even helipads. This is what the super-rich have come to expect from hotels. For others, vacation now means renting someone's apartment, a spare room, maybe just a couch.

  • Summer vacations with a step-family

    5/23/14 3:20 PM Comment

    As a step parent, finding your place in a new family can be challenging...especially with summer vacation coming up!

  • Weekend getaways

    5/23/14 2:31 PM Comment

    Are you looking to get away for the long weekend without traveling too far?

  • Affordable Summer Getaways

    5/13/14 3:33 PM Comment

    Summer is quickly approaching, and if you haven't thought about a vacation's not too late.

  • Packing light for your next trip

    5/8/14 3:13 PM Comment

    Travel season is kicking into high gear! But with the cost of travel going up, it's important to save money wherever you can.

  • The best travel apps and websites

    5/8/14 3:13 PM Comment

    Planning a vacation can be a headache. But with a little help from apps and websites, you can breeze through the planning and head straight to the sun-tanning!

  • The benefits of taking a paid vacation

    5/1/14 3:09 PM Comment

    National Travel and Tourism week begins this Saturday!

  • Why you should use your paid vacation days

    4/22/14 4:43 PM Comment

    When is the last time you took a vacation? If it's been a could actually be harming your health!

  • Michael Brown allowed to vacation before prison sentence

    11/19/13 5:52 PM

    Disgraced former D.C. Councilman Michael Brown will soon spend up to three years behind bars for corruption, but before that happens, he'll spend some quality time in Florida on vacation.

  • Salamander Resort finally opens in Middleburg

    8/29/13 6:45 PM

    After a decade-long fight, Thursday’s opening of the Salamander Resort was filled with locals, officials, and celebrities. It was a special triumph for owner Sheila Johnson – co-founder of BET and owner of the Mystics.

  • Vacation time being bought and sold by workers nationwide

    6/9/13 7:50 AM Comment

    The novel approach might help employees buy some extra days off to take the trip of a lifetime or spend more time with a newborn. Co-workers could sell off unused days to get some extra money.

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