• Virginia purges 40,000 names off voter rolls

    10/16/13 12:49 PM

    The Democratic Party of Virginia filed suit in federal court earlier this month over plans to purge as many 57,000 names ahead of November's gubernatorial election based on evidence the voters had registered in other states. Democrats say the list is riddled with errors.

  • Affirmative action in question for Michigan voters

    10/14/13 4:38 PM

    Affirmative action opponents persuaded Michigan voters to outlaw any consideration of race after the Supreme Court ruled a decade ago that race could be a factor in college admissions.

  • Bob McDonnell's approval rating sinks, Quinnipiac Poll says

    7/17/13 6:43 PM Comment

    A new poll shows approval rating for Gov. Bob McDonnell continue to fall as questions mount regarding a scandal over gifts he has received.