• The Millionaire Master Plan

    8/25/14 3:20 PM Comment

    This guest today went through many financial hardships, including getting his car repossessed. But, this particular moment inspired him to achieve his lifelong dream. Before he even turned 30 he was a multimillionaire.

  • 'Made in America' estate called the pride of Potomac

    5/20/14 11:19 PM

    They call it the pride of Potomac and homage to all things D.C. – and the reflecting pool entrance certainly sets a tone.

  • SCOTUS votes to allow wealthy donors to give freely to campaigns

    4/2/14 6:58 PM

    The Supreme Court's conservative majority voted Wednesday to free wealthy donors to give to as many political candidates and campaigns as they want, further loosening the reins on giving by big contributors as the 2014 campaign moves into high gear.

  • Forbes 400: List of richest Americans released

    9/16/13 11:02 AM

    Forbes on Monday released its annual list of the top 400 richest Americans. While most of the top names and rankings didn't change from a year ago, the majority of the elite club's members saw their fortunes grow over the past year, helped by strong stock and real estate markets.

  • Financial planning for 2013

    12/20/12 1:30 PM Comment

    Heather Evans of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management sat down with Natasha to talk about how you can get your finances in order for the new year

  • D.C.'s richest people: Forbes ranks Washington's most wealthy residents

    3/8/12 9:01 AM Comment

    Life is good for Ted Lerner, Jacqueline Mars and Steve Case - three of the 14 D.C. area residents who are listed on Forbes magazine's annual list of the world's billionaires.