Woody Allen

  • Woody Allen writes defense against Farrow's abuse claims

    2/8/14 9:30 PM

    A week bracketed by op-ed letters of accusation and denial of child molestation left little clarity and scant hope for resolution in a bitter saga that has haunted Woody Allen and the Farrow family for more than two decades.

  • Oscars and Allegations: A look back at the life of Woody Allen

    2/5/14 10:20 AM

    At age 78, Woody Allen still puts out a movie a year, won his fourth Oscar in 2012 for "Midnight in Paris," and is nominated again this year. But it's his personal life that's taking center stage these days.

  • Woody Allen's allies cast doubt on abuse claims

    2/3/14 12:11 PM

    Some of Woody Allen's close allies have come to his defense, casting doubt on renewed accusations by Dylan Farrow that she was sexually assaulted by her then adoptive father when she was 7.