• Syria attack: 'Common-sense' test holds Assad responsible

    9/8/13 7:35 PM

    A survey by The Associated Press shows that House members who are staking out positions are either opposed to or leaning against Obama's plan for a military strike by more than a 6-1 margin. The Senate is more evenly divided ahead of its vote.

  • Syria attack: High-stakes week awaits Obama

    9/8/13 7:33 AM

    President Obama faces a high-stakes week of trying to convince a skeptical Congress and a war-weary American public that they should back him on a military strike against Syria.

  • Olympics 2020: Tokyo wins 2020 Olympics vote

    9/7/13 5:32 PM

    Tokyo has been awarded the 2020 Olympics, capitalizing on its reputation as a "safe pair of hands" and defying concerns about the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

  • Syria attack: Kerry pitches strike to House

    9/4/13 7:33 PM

    After defending the need for the use of force in Syria before the Senate Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry addressed the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

  • Syria crisis: Obama seeking lawmakers' approval for Syria strike

    9/1/13 7:29 PM

    President Barack Obama says he will seek congressional authorization for the use of force in Syria in response to the deadly chemical weapons attack on August 21. Sunday, many Members of Congress were reacting to the call.

  • Syria attack: Citing sarin use, U.S. seeks to bolster Syria case

    9/1/13 1:21 PM

    The Obama administration on Sunday confidently predicted congressional backing for limited military action in Syria and asserted that the Assad government used sarin gas in the deadly chemical attack.

  • Syria crisis: Pope announces day of fasting for peace

    9/1/13 12:35 PM

    Pope Francis on Sunday condemned the use of chemical weapons, but he called for a negotiated settlement to the civil war in Syria, and announced he would lead a worldwide day of fasting and prayer for peace there on Sept. 7.

  • Syria attack: U.S. has evidence sarin gas was used, Kerry says

    9/1/13 9:51 AM

    Secretary of State John Kerry is asserting the United States now has evidence of sarin gas use in Syria and says the "case is building" for a military attack.

  • David Frost, known for Nixon interview, dies

    9/1/13 8:24 AM

    Veteran British journalist and broadcaster David Frost, who won fame around the world for his TV interviews with former President Richard Nixon, has died.

  • Nelson Mandela discharged from hospital, returns home

    9/1/13 8:20 AM

    Nelson Mandela, 95, was discharged from hospital on Sunday while still in critical condition and was taken by ambulance to his Johannesburg home where he will receive intensive care, the office of South Africa's president said.

  • Syria attack: UN experts leave Syria

    8/31/13 7:30 AM

    An Associated Press crew saw the U.N. personnel cross into Lebanon from Syria through the country's Masnaa border crossing early Saturday.

  • Syria agrees to UN probe of purported attacks

    8/25/13 9:26 AM

    Syrian state media says the government has reached an agreement with the United Nations to allow a U.N. team of experts to visit the site of last week's alleged chemical weapons attack.

  • Syria: Chemical weapons likely used by regime

    8/25/13 9:20 AM

    A senior administration official says there is "very little doubt" that a chemical weapon was used by the Syrian regime against civilians in an incident that killed at least a hundred people last week.

  • Obama convening White House meeting on Syria

    8/24/13 9:04 AM

    President Barack Obama is meeting Saturday morning with his national security team to discuss possible next steps in Syria.

  • Egypt's military chief: Army to confront violence

    8/19/13 6:24 PM

    Egypt's military leader has vowed the army will not stand by silently in the face of violence after hundreds have been killed in recent days in political unrest.

  • Oscar Pistorius trial to begin in March: Report

    8/18/13 1:51 PM

    Oscar Pistorius is due to re-appear in a South African court on Monday to face charges of killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. CNN reports his trial will begin in March 2014.

  • Egypt considers outlawing Muslim Brotherhood

    8/17/13 9:42 AM

    Egyptian authorities are considering disbanding the Muslim Brotherhood group, a government spokesman said Saturday, once again outlawing a group that held the pinnacle of government power just more than a month earlier.

  • Egypt mosque filled with protesters stormed by police

    8/17/13 8:20 AM

    Witnesses say that Egyptian security forces have stormed a Cairo mosque after firing tear gas at hundreds of Islamists supporters of the country's ousted president barricaded inside.

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