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5/24/2015 1:52 PM EDT

79° Mostly Cloudy Feels like: 79°

Mostly Cloudy
  • High: 83° - Low 65°
  • Wind: From SSE at 9mph
  • Humidity: 50% | UV Index: Very High
  • Dew Point: 59° | Pressure: 30.33 in

Updated 11:40 am May 24, 2015

Look for another very comfortable day with sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80s. Memorial Day will be similarly sunny, but hotter, a bit more humid, and breezy.

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Updated 11:17 am
This Afternoon:
Sunny & Warm, Comfortable Humidity
Highs: 80-84
Wind: SW 5 mph
Partly Cloudy & Mild
Lows: 59-66
Wind: S 5 mph
Mostly Sunny, Warmer, Breezy, Moe Humid
Highs: 85-90
Wind: S 10-15 mph/G 20

If there is such a thing as weather bliss, it was yesterday. Under sparkling blue skies, a cool morning morphed into a downright comfortable afternoon with high temperatures in the low to mid 70s and the feeling that the air was moisture-free (dew points were in the 20s!). The high pressure system that was our benefactor will begin to slide east today, setting up a southerly flow that will raise both our temperatures and humidity levels. But the timing of the change couldn't be better. For while today will be similar to Saturday - if about 5 to 10 degrees warmer and a tad more humid - and Memorial Day hotter and more humid still, the oppressive heat of summer will hold off until we're all safely back at work and school on Tuesday. A kindly Mother Nature has taken note of our holiday calendar! Soon to feel more like July than May, the coming week will be monotonously hot and muggy, with highs each day around 90 and dew points in the 60s. Temporary relief will come in the scattered showers and thunderstorms that are possible throughout the period. Still, while more boring than blissful, memories of last winter's chill will make the coming warmth mostly (!) welcome. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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