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Today's Forecast Updated Tuesday at 4:39 AM

A brief respite from the typical July steam bath…

Mostly Sunny, Low Humidity, Nice!
Highs: Around 80º
Wind: NW 5-10mph
Few Clouds, Cool
Lows: 56°-64°
Wind: Light
Partly Cloudy, Continued Pleasant
Highs: Lower 80s
Wind: SW 5-10

Waking up to temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s is not what you typically expect for late July but it is indeed what we are experiencing right now! After a crisp start, expect a day full of sunshine with low humidity and cooler than average readings in the upper 70s to lower 80s. This spectacular spate carries into the mid-week with low to mid 80s and partly sunny skies. In fact our next chance of showers in the metro region is not until Friday and even that risk is slight, with most remaining dry (there could be a shower or two sooner in the mountains). The weekend will continue with below average temperatures, but there could be a shot for a couple of showers depending on an evolving low pressure system that could pass by. Until then enjoy the awesome weather. Have a great day!

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