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Today's Forecast Updated Saturday at 6:22 PM

It feels like it's well into the 90s when heat and humidity are combined.  Storms will stay mainly west of D.C. today.

This Evening:
Partly Cloudy, Hot and Humid
Temps: 80s
Wind: S 10-15 mph
Partly Cloudy, Warm,  Humid
Temps: 70s
Wind: S 5-10 mph
Partly Sunny, Hot, Humid, Evening T'Storms Possible
Highs: 85°-90°
Rain: 40% Chance


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Very hot and humid today as that combination was out in full force to make it feel like it's well into the 90s.  Some changes are beginning to show up in our data that suggest keeping the heat around a little while longer and putting adjustments to the likeliest rain days and time frames.  Trends are beginning the show the cold front slowing down, which will bring rain chances down for Sunday afternoon and evening, while increasing rain chances for the first few days of the work/school week.  Along with the adjustments in the rain chances, temperatures will also be affected keeping Sunday very hot and humid, keeping Monday warm to hot and humid, and not bringing in the cooler air until Tuesday/Wednesday.  Let's just be quite honest here, our forecast data has NOT handled this system very well over the past week and that sends out a big red flag that we should not hold a lot of confidence in the forecast over the next 3-5 days.  Another big inconsistency over the past week has been what happens after the cold front passes.  I'm sure you noticed at one point temperatures into next week were forecast to be anywhere from the upper 50s to the 60s for highs, but recently have been adjusted to highs in the 70s and 80s depending upon your source.  Forecasts for almost all of last week wanted to bring a 'cold wedge' of air backing in from New England, but as of yesterday completely changed course and just pushed the cold front through followed by a significant drop in humidity but not a huge plunge in temperatures.  I've sided with dropping highs into the upper 70s for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday whereas there are still some indications the big cold push could still occur, but as we drive further out of the spring season and into summer would be a much less likelier forecast situation. 

In a nutshell, look for a hot and humid Sunday with rain chances holding off more until Monday and Tuesday.  Don't expect the noticeable break in the heat and humidity until Tuesday and keep in the back of your mind a much cooler/cloudy forecast could still make an appearance in the middle of next week.

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