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Today's Forecast Updated Monday at 10:15 PM

Cool first night of fall...grab an extra blanket.

Few Clouds & Downright Cold
Temperatures: 44°-52°
Wind: NW 10
Mostly Sunny, Less Wind
Temperatures: 70°-75°
Wind: NW 4-8
Increasing Clouds, Shower Possible at Night
Temperatures: 70°-75
Wind: ENE5-10

The beautiful September weather continues with lots of sunshine and cooler than average temperatures. The only obstacle to enjoying an entire week of sunny and cool weather will be an area of low pressure, which will be located southeast of Virginia Beach by Wednesday. If and only if this system drifts northwestward instead of northward…we may see scattered showers in some sections late Wednesday night and Thursday. Otherwise, the dry weather will continue. And looking down the road towards the weekend…we think it will be partly cloudy and a bit warmer.

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